Our application integrates the management of the collections, web shop, articles, groups, inventory, statistics, customer loyalty, product labeling, manufacturing, etc ...

Using Hyper File client server technology ensures a strong network and a very simple remote connection to your POS system from your office or private.

3GO Pos can be installed on any Windows 10 or Windows 10 Iot Enterprise POS.

You can therefore install 3GO Pos on all types of devices, on a 6" laptop, tablets, workstations with large screens, etc.

In a network, you can mix all types of devices. On a 6" laptop, 3GO Pos is a complete cash register, not just an order-taking tool.


• Direct Order.

• Preparation Module for order - backorders (use in the workplace)

• Delayed delivery (date and time)

• Quotes

• Tracking Module for deliveries payments

• Import orders from external software

• Quotation management, orders from the office

• No limit

Easy Encoding

• Management of different prices for the same product

• Special rates for some customers

• Linking of product (one product refers to other product)

• product subdivide

• Separate Accounts

• Deals

• Discount per product or on the full bill

• Cancellation

• Supplements

• Fixed Atos terminal connection

• PLU numbers

• Barcode

• Assign product to a particular customer

• Immediate or deferred billing

• Training mode

• Management of gift voucher's 

• Cash payments (using cash drawer)

• Use of own tickets to a particular even


• Composite products, supplements etc.

• Production module (for use in the workshop)

• Labeling Module (for use in the workshop)

• 5 rates, 2 VAT rates

• groups, subgroups, complements

• Inventory

• Module for deliveries by suppliers (for use in network)

• Supplier delivery - module (for use in network)

• Barcode

• PLU numbers

• No limit


• Customer Loyalty

• Find and create by VAT number

• Look up and create based on street and city

• Find and create by phonenumber

• Distance Plan for deliveries

• Rates per customer or groups of customers

• Message linked to the customer for restaurant, kitchen, etc.

• Photo of the customer

• Creation via ID card reader

• No limit


• Employees grouped by function

• Access rights per employee and / or function

• HACCP planning

• Photo of employee

• Connection by RFID badge or Dallas Key

• Locking the application

• No limit


• Groups

• Subgroups

• Interactive Cross-Tab of Groups

• Regulations

• Input and output of cash

• products

• Interactive crosstab of products

• Acquired discounts

• Deals


• Bills

• Employees

• Interactive cross table  for customers

• Cancellations

• Send Z and various statistics via e-mail or to your messaging software


• Alertes sur les tâches en retard

• Visualisation des tâches à venir

• Procédures en matière de nettoyage et de désinfection 

• Maîtrise de la chaîne du froid et/ou du chaud

• Enregistrement et la gestion des non‐conformités

• Enregistrement de vos rapports d’analyses microbiologiques

• Contrôle des produits entrants

• Température des enceintes frigorifiques

• Suivi du plan de nettoyage désinfection

• Changement d’huile

• Impression des étiquettes de traçabilité interne.

• Accès à tous les documents et enregistrements

• Exportation vers excel, etc.

 And much more :

• 3GO POS allows youto make and print all sorts of lists, accounting lists, product lists, loyalty cards, etc. 

   Ask your dealer to draw up these lists for you.

• All tables (products, customers, etc.) can be exported to Excel, Word, OpenOffice, etc. More info here

• A glossary allows storing all the recurring texts and incorporating them into customer’s memos, articles, bills, kitchen, etc.

• 3 GO POS stores all your documents (pdf, xls, doc, etc.). You can integrate it and can access it from your cashdesk or remotely.

   Documents can be linked to customers, suppliers, products, etc. 

   Example: food compatibility certificate, leasing contracts, etc.

• 3 GO POS allows importing data from an Excel file (customers, suppliers, products, etc.).

   We have zip codes from Belgium and neighboring countries at your disposal. 

Additional modules
Remote access

Remote access allows you to connect anywhere with your locations.


 Requires an internet connection in your offices and at the place where you want to access your data.

Management (addition - change - consultation - etc.) : 

• Customers

• Suppliers

• Employees

• Products

• Suppliers of items

• Orders

• Invoices

• Themes and keys

• Glossary


Consultation : 

• Sale

• Customer orders

• Dashboard

• Closure (Z)

• Performance of employees

• Accounting Export

Stock - Purchase - Logistics on mobile terminal

◾Real time management (Wifi)

◾Article update

◾Stock management

◾Product labelling

◾Location management


◾Supplier order

◾Goods receipt

◾Bar code


Web Shop PrestaShop

◾Orders come directly into 3GO

◾Update items from 3GO to PrestaShop

◾Update families from 3GO to PrestaShop

◾4 Languages

◾Mode Terminals

◾Kiosk mode


3GO Soft



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